Personal Umbrella Liability


Protect your assets and your reputation with a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy.

Personal Umbrella Liability insurance gives you extra protection when your primary insurance coverage just isn’t enough.  It provides an ‘additional layer’ of liability  protection that kicks in when your primary underlying policy limits are exhausted.

In this extremely litigious society, primary policy limits often aren’t enough to cover costs if you are sued.  Protect what is important to you.  Call Hatton Insurance Agency today to see how a Personal Umbrella Policy can minimize your level of financial liability in the aftermath of a catastrophic event.

An Umbrella policy can give you extra peace of mind and protect you against events that aren’t typically covered under standard home and automobile policies, including:

  • Personal injury: libel, slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction & defamation of character
  • Directors: If you are an officer or a member of a volunteer organisation board there is coverage

Here are some of the activities we think w arrant consideration of a personal umbrella liability policy. We strongly recommend you call us to discuss adding a personal umbrella policy to your insurance coverages if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  • Participate in a sport or activity where you might injure others
  • Your total assets are greater than your underlying liability limits
  • You are financially responsible for a young, inexperienced driver
  • You live in an exclusive and affluent neighbourhood
  • You have high a profile career or high income
  • You frequently host guests on your property
  • Your residence includes a swimming pool
  • You own your own watercraft, aircraft or off road vehicles
  • You own waterfront property, a farm or a ranch
  • You own numerous rental properties
  • You volunteer extensively and/or serve as a director of a nonprofit organisation(s)